Change to Conservation Compliance – 2018 Spring Crops and Beyond

RMA has removed the June 1st deadline to sign & file the AD-1026 form with the Farm Service Agency (FSA). The new deadline for this is now on or before the premium billing date for the crop insurance policy/reinsurance year.

Prevented Planting Estimate Report

Crop Risk Services understands the challenges Mother Nature can throw at our farmers and this spring is definitely one for the records books in many parts of the country. To help our agents aid in the conversation, we’ve created a new report, the Prevented Planting (PP) Estimate Report, to easily identify PP guarantees for the 2019 RY. This report, combined with the PP Eligibility Report, will help insureds better evaluate their crop insurance options and make more educated decisions to best serve their farming operation.

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To learn more about these tools and other Claims resources, please contact your CRS representative or visit our Claim Guidelines.